Read these testimonials and acknowledgements
to see how I help authors make their work more focused and market-ready

Sara Goff, author of the novel I Always Cry at Weddings 
“I believe you hit every mark! I feel both validated and clear where I need to go back and make changes.”
Hamilton Cain, Oprah Magazine contributor, author of This Boy's Faith: Notes from a Southern Baptist Upbringing 
"Nicole is that rare thing one craves in an instructor: astute in her criticism and yet generous in how she approaches a piece of writing, making it vivid, clear, and dramatic. She quickly homes in on what’s working on the page, and what’s not. I’ve benefitted enormously from her sharp eye, infectious humor, and big-hearted humanity.”
Susan Shapiro, author of Speed Shrinking and Five Men Who Broke My Heart 
"Nicole Bokat is a fantastic ghost editor who I've worked with on both memoirs and novels. She's also helped many of my students get agents and editors."
Kathleen McCleary, author of House and Home, A Simple Thing and Leaving Haven 
"I worked closely with Nicole for many months on my first novel, House and Home. Nicole was a careful and thoughtful reader, and really helped me tighten my writing by pointing out spots where it was repetitive or where I'd relied on a cliché. Nicole has an excellent eye — and ear — for writing. She appreciated the rhythm of my writing and always made suggestions that were in keeping with my style, my story and my characters. Overall, the biggest help to me was her understanding of my characters as individuals. She was very good at highlighting spots where there were inconsistencies in character, and her suggestions helped me fine-tune my story so that it was seamless. After Nicole finished editing the novel and I sent it out, I had multiple offers of representation from agents, and then multiple publishers who wanted to buy the book. I sold it to Hyperion less than two months after sending out my first query letter to an agent. I had a great experience in working with Nicole, and am sure you will too."

"I would never have gotten beyond the first few chapters without Nicole Bokat…"
Naomi Rand, author of It's Raining Men, Stealing for a Living and others 
A scrumptiously witty, suspensefully woven story full of sharply drawn characters, calamities, and a surprising measure of hope.
Cari Kamm, author of Fake Perfect Me 
"Nicole was wonderful to work with on my first novel. The editing process can be quite intimidating and she held my hand every step of the way with such detail!"
Anne Strauss, author of A Medical Affair and The Passion Thief 
"It all started in your class in the fourth floor walkup at taught me how to write a book. I am forever grateful."
Judy Batalion, writer/performer whose work has appeared in The NY Times, The Washington Post, Salon and other publications 
"Nicole Bokat is a sharply intelligent and thoughtful editor, who simultaneously focuses on the details of language and cadence, and overall structure and themes. She is a pleasure to work with -- and she has a great sense of humor."
Ann Votta, author of Reunited: When the Past Becomes a Present 
"Nicole Bokat was a tremendous help to me in the process of writing and publishing my memoir, Reunited: When the Past Becomes a Present, and her influence came at the exact right time. Nicole's editing skills and analytic critique of my manuscript was just what I needed to spur me on to the next phase. I couldn't have done it without her. She also gave generously of her time and knowledge of the entire publishing industry, which became invaluable to me as I pursued my goal. She possesses a finely tuned sense of humor and a keen awareness of the human experience."
Bronwen Hruska, author of Accelerated 
"I might never have started this book if it hadn't been for Nicole Bokat's class and an assignment to write the entire outline for the second session."
Roselee Blooston, author of Dying in Dubai 
"Nicole Bokat gave important developmental guidance, for which I am grateful."