It takes more than a great idea or a way with words
to publish a book or essay.

Especially in today's ever-changing market

What I do
  • Edit all kinds of fiction and nonfiction, including essays, novels, memoirs and academic books
  • Provide one-on-one consulting on all types of writing
  • Edit nonfiction proposals
  • Assist with the writing and revision of compelling query letters and synopses to agents and publishers
  • Guide self-publishers through the process
I have more than 20 years experience as an instructor and freelance editor, working with both successful and aspiring writers all over the world. I have taught in-person and online at New York University, The New School and Media Bistro.
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  • Editing
    As an editor, I evaluate your fiction or nonfiction manuscript concentrating on helping you develop your work for the marketplace. Included in my services is a report in which I focus on issues such as structure, style, and clarity. With novels, I will help you develop characters, plot, pacing, dialogue, and dramatic tension. I'm also an experienced editor of short stories, essays, and academic articles.

    My experience
    I have more than ten years experience editing the work of both successful and aspiring writers. In addition to editing, for more than 20 years I have been teaching writing to college students, short story writers, nonfiction authors, and novelists, both in the classroom and online.
    Why I'm different…and better
    • My fees are very competitively priced
    • I don’t distinguish between developmental edits and line edits — I do both for one set price
    • Additional phone conversations and email exchanges
    • From the day I start working on your project, my turn-around time is quick; in most cases, two weeks

    contact me with any questions; I'm friendly and very responsive.
  • Coaching
    As a coach, I’m available for weekly or monthly sessions in which we discuss whatever you choose: an ongoing project or new material. I will brainstorm ideas with you, help you make breakthroughs when you’re stuck, and act as a knowledgeable, experienced sounding board. I’ll read and respond to book summaries, plot outlines, proposals, and agent query letters. I’ll also help you figure out a good fit for your essays and the best route for your book (traditional or self-publishing).

    contact me me with any questions; I'm friendly and very responsive.