What Matters Most

Georgie Merkin is a magazine writer, single mom, and self-sufficient divorcée. When her father, Adam, dies of cancer, his passing removes the safety buffer between Georgie and her cold, ambitious mother, Estelle. With Adam gone, secret histories wash up, forcing Georgie to confront her mother and their years of detachment and misunderstanding. Thrown into the mix are Georgie's perceptive son, her still-sexy-after-all-these-years first-husband, a new love interest, and a host of emotional mix-ups and challenges. In the end, it's the strength, depth, and breadth of Georgie's emotional ties that bring
What Matters Most to a surprising--yet satisfying--conclusion.
Publishers Weekly 
[A] moving follow-up to Redeeming Eve. . . .Bokat does a superb job of tackling the tensions that burden relationships, whether they're romantic or familial.... the book deftly navigates Georgie's coming to terms with her mother's secret and her own personal demons. Another well-rounded offering from Bokat.
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On the outside, Georgie Merkin is a strong, independent, grown woman. But on the inside, she is still the little girl who idolized her loving father and feared her cold, controlling mother. After her father loses his fight with cancer and her normally stoic mother loses herself to grief, Georgie is forced to face their complicated and strained relationship head-on. What she discovers is the power of shared mourning. And through that bond, the two women will confront their past, with all its secrets and misunderstandings. What Matters Most is a touching look at the ties that bind.
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